It's A Holde-Quiz! Time To Earn Your Mortarboard!

mortar.jpgToday’s object is to match the composer with the profession he was either originally trained for or even pursued concurrently with his composing activities. So, for instance, if you see “Maurice Ravel” in the composer column, you would take an indelible marker and draw a line to “professional wrestler under the name “The Basque Bulldog” in the “alternate professions” column on your computer screen. Get it? Or do I have to draw you a picture?

dunce.jpgIf you get ‘em all correct: Well la-di-freakin’-da. Why aren’t you in Sweden or Norway or wherever collecting your Nobel Prize, Genius?

If you get most of ‘em correct: What do you want, a medal?

If you get some of ‘em correct: Let’s just say that you’re “differently talented”

If you get none of ‘em correct: Go in the garden and eat all the worms.


1. Berlioz

2. Borodin

3. Dvorak

4. Ives

5. Frederick the Great

6. Mussorgsky

7. Schumann

8. Smetana

9. Stravinsky

10. Vivaldi


A. Publisher and Critic

B. Civil Servant

C. Lawyer

D. Butcher

E. Catholic Priest

F. King of Prussia

G. Brewer

H. Insurance Pioneer and Executive

I. Chemist

J. Medical Doctor