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John Gibbons holds a Ph.D. in music composition from the University of Chicago. He teaches music appreciation classes at the Universality of Chicago’s Graham School and at Newberry Library. He also offers private piano lessons in the Chicago area.

Bonnie Gibbons is a web site developer and SEO with a background in classical music. She might be persuaded to teach a few cello lessons in the Chicago area.

Lionel Pike and the Sibelius 7th

Pike’s discussion of Sib 7th in Pike’s book on Beethoven and Sibelius is perfectly lucid, true, and also, however, one dimensional.  He concentrates on dissonance, resolution, and the establishment of tonality to the exclusion of equally dominant elements in the work, such as texture, foreshortening, rhythm and, especially, orchestration.  In the Sibelius 6th and 7th symphonies, as well as Tapiola, (Tapiola most of all) sonority itself is a potent integrational factor.  Of course, Pike is relating Sibelius to Beethoven, for whom sonority per se is not a potent integrational factor in the symphonies, although it certainly is in the late piano sonatas..I suppose this is really arguable.  The horns in Beethoven 7th, the oboe in the 3rd, etc.  The Pike book is great, and I appreciate the respect accorded to the Sib 6th, my personal favorite…

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