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According to the NY Times for Tuesday, July 31,Katharina Wagner’s new production of Die Meistersinger for the Bayreuth Festival featured topless dancers, complete male nudity, plastic phalluses, and “a bizzare auto da-fe” In the third act. My wife related to me a production (this one?) that had Hans Sachs made up as Hitler.One doesn’t have to have seen the particular production to comment.We’ve all seen eurotrash productions. For years I’ve vacillated back and forth about the validity of such productions.I’ve been reluctant to condemn this sort of thing outright out of cowardice (just like many, many critics), a reluctance to appear to be a close-minded reactionary.But enough is enough.Some operas may potentially benefit from deconstructionst treatment, and some you should leave strictly alone.Here’s a partial list.