Entartete Musik (Degenerate Music)

Entartete Musik (“degenerate music” in German) is the epithet invented by the Nazi regime for music they deemed ideologically (or ethnically) objectionable. 

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Degenerate Music (Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust)
Nineteenth-century psychologists introduced the term degenerate or entartete  to describe any deviance or clinical mental illness. Later a broader definition was applied to include scientific literature (medical, biology and anthropology). By 1933 Hitler’s Third Reich referred to the mentally ill, communists, Gypsies, homosexuals and Jews as subspecies of the human race…

Degenerate Music (Wikipedia)
The Nazi government considered several types of music to be degenerate, for several different reasons…

Music Behind Walls (Terezin Music)
About the musical life of prisoners inside the Theresianstadt (Terazin) concentration camp. Includes biographies of Pavel HaasGideon KleinHans Krasa, and Viktor Ullmann. Also includes a detailed list of musical works from the camp compiled by historian Joza Karas, and a study guide for Ullmann’s opera Der Kaiser von Atlantis, orThe Emperor of Atlantis.

Terezin Chamber Music Foundation
The Terezín Chamber Music Foundation (TCMF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and advancing the resilience of the human spirit as expressed in and inspired by the music and art created in the Terezín concentration camp. TCMF sponsors the commission of chamber music compositions by emerging composers.