Composers of the Entartete Musik Era

While all Jewish composers, past and then-living, were considered degenerate by the Nazis, these pages are limited to composers who were personally affected — those who lost their careers, their countries or their lives.

Holde Kunst has original material on the following composers:

Alban Berg

Boris Blacher

Hanns EislerBerthold Goldschmidt

Rudolf Karel

Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Hans Krása

Ernst Krenek

Pavel Haas

Karl Amadeus Hartmann

Paul Hindemith

Gideon Klein

Rafael Schächter

Arnold Schoenberg

Franz Schreker

James Simon

Marcel Tyberg (aka Till Bergmar)

Anton Webern

Kurt Weill

Alexander Zemlinsky

A comprehensive list of Terezin composers is here (Deutsch).