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Film Music: Historical Survey (6 Weeks)

  • Newberry Library Chicago, IL United States (map)

Music in film, both specially composed and/or appropriated, often determines the character and emotional gravity of the greatest films. Some films, such as Taxi DriverVertigo, and 2001: A Space Odyssey are literally unthinkable without their scores. This seminar presents a roughly chronological survey of the greatest film scores, from masterpieces by Korngold and Hermann up to the present day. Relevant clips are presented with commentary and analysis. Also included is a discussion of the film composer’s craft, with the necessity of split second timing and utter versatility.

Two versions:

1-Day seminar, Saturday, November 10: Register online or call 773-702-1722. Gleacher Center. | Syllabus

6-week Wednesday afternoon class, starting February 13. Newberry Library. Get notified when registration opens.

Image credit: Taxi Driver poster, Public Domain, Overlay from iStockPhotos.