Privacy Policy

This is the website of Holde Kunst LLC. Our business address is Holde Kunst LLC, PO Box 528, Berwyn, IL 60402. Our email address is here.

The following privacy policy was last updated on October 30, 2008. Changes to the privacy policy will be communicated by:

  • Updating this page
  • Announcing the change on our blog and its RSS feed
  • Announcing the change on the home page of this web site

The human beings involved with collect no information from users unless they contact us. At this time we do not maintain personal user information in our office unless an ongoing personal or business relationship is established. Our web site software automatically collects and allows us to see the following user information:

  • IP addresses from which you view our content, and what you do on this web site during your session
  • IP addresses of all users who leave comments on our site
  • User names (which may not be real names) and email addresses of people who choose to supply this information when they leave comments on our site
  • Email addresses of users who subscribe to the email version of our blog feed (which we do not use for any other purpose)

We do not set cookies or read information from your browser. However, we display advertising from third parties such as, Google and its partners (see list below) and others. Thirty party vendors may place and read cookies in your browser, or use web beacons to collect information in the course of placing ads on this website. This is a standard business practice that allows vendors to assess the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and, in turn, serve you ads they believe will be more relevant to you. You may opt out of these practices if the vendor allows the capability. Please visit the vendor websites below for more information. You may also set your browser preferences to a) prevent this practice entirely  (which may alter your user experience on some websites) or b) notify you and ask your permission each time a vendor is placing or reading information from your browser. Please see your browser’s privacy settings for more information.

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