19th Century Germany

The 19th Century Symphony

20th Century Music

Aesthetics and Ideology


Bach & Handel

Baroque Music

The Baroque Concerto (1 Day)


Beethoven Quartets & Sonatas

Beethoven & Schubert (Class | Seminar)

Cultural Moscow & St. Petersburg in the Age of Realism


Chamber Music

Chopin Life & Works

The Concerto (Class)

The Great Concerto from Mozart to Rachmaninoff (1 Day)

Czech Music

Debussy, Ravel, & Stravinsky

Eastern European Masters

Eight Operas That Changed the World (8 week)

Eight Masterpieces

Entartete Music (Degenerate Music)

Esther / St. John Passion

French and Spanish Masters ( PDFWord)

French - Bohemian & Bourgeois

Grand Opera

The Great Conductors (1 Day)

The Great Conductors (8 Sessions)

Great Virtuosos and the Romantic Concertos (plus Part 2) - or this one

The Great Pianists

The Great Symphonic Traditions (1 Day)

Haydn & Mozart

The Heroic Beethoven

History of the Symphony: Northern Symphony (1 Day | 8 Week)

History of Opera: Old & New Perspectives

History of Piano Music from Bach to the Present

History of Western Music


Introduction to Music Literacy (1 Day)

Introduction to Opera (or this)

Italian Opera (or this one)

Late Beethoven (PDF | Word) - and again

Late Romantic Music


Mahler & Strauss (also Schubert & Mahler)

Masterpieces That Changed the World (1 Day)

Medieval & Renaissance Music


Music Theater

Musical Narratives


The Progressive and the Universal in Musical Romanticism: Mendelssohn and Schumann

The Radical Romantics

Richard Strauss & Tone Poems

The Romantic Piano

The Romantic Spirit

Russian Music (This and This)

Schubert (also Schubert Immortal Masterpieces)

Schubert & Mahler


Shostakovich (8 Week | 1 Day)

Shostakovich & Prokofiev

The String Quartet

The Symphony Part 1

The Symphony Since Beethoven

Tchaikovsky (8-week course)

Tchaikovsky (1-day seminar)

The Tone Poem and Musical Pictorialism

Unfamiliar Masterpieces

Verdi and Puccini

Vienna & Berlin

Wagner's Life and Works

Wagner's Ring Cycle

What to Listen For in Classical Music (1 Day) (or this)

What to Listen For in Opera (1 Day)